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New Motor Installation Services

Is your garage door motor running slow these days? Have you tried everything but it is still slow? Then here’s a valuable tip for you. You need to clean guides of the motor with warm and soapy water as it will increase the speed of the motor. If you don’t think that this cleaning is your forte then the team of garage door repair which is us, will be happy to take on the job for you. Not only we will clean it this time, we will even clean it and undertake maintenance of every garage door part if you choose to hire us for a long period.

New motor installation new door installation is also a specialty in case your garage door motor has completely given up on you. You can also trust us to help you get a discount if we can swing it because saving your money and making you happier is our main goal. As far as the installation is done, we are quick, efficient and highly qualified for the task so we will make sure that we do the job in a jiffy so that you can focus on your normal personal and work life.

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